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Havaro: Loose Cannon - With Kanohi Angaru by 0nuku
Havaro: Loose Cannon - With Kanohi Angaru
Just got my 3D printed Kanohi Angaru today. :D It was just a rough test print, and still needs some fixing up, but I'll work on it this weekend to get it ready for Shapeways. I'll post the link here when I get it done.

Havaro is a Matoran I built to showcase the mask and test how it fits. The mask turned out rough and a bit off white, so I built him with some Thok white. He's a Ko-Matoran of Karzahni who managed to get on Karzahni's good side and enforces order with an iron fist, or rather, the iron cannon that replaced his twisted arm. I wish my first MOC on Deviantart was a bit more interesting (it's actually based heavily on Flickr user Ibem's Matoran), but I felt like I had to post this because you guys liked my Kanohi Angaru.

More info and images in my Flickr Gallery
LNA Concept to Completion Faction Kit Contest by 0nuku

So, we haven't got many entries, so I'm going to push this again. Lego Nexus Adventures, a fan-made game based around Lego Universe, is hosting a Faction Kit contest for designs to be put into the game. If you don't know, a Faction Kit is a suit of armor worn by your minifigure character that gives them special abilities based on how much of it they wear. Each faction in LU and LNA have different kits with different strengths and weaknesses in fighting the enemies across the universe.

All you have to do to submit is come up with a good idea, then write a description, make a concept in LDD, or draw it, and submit it at: We'll take care of the rest! The contest is set to close mid-November, so get some ideas in!

LNA Website:
Gold Kanohi Angaru (Spinnie)
Okay, I'm not even going to be modest with this one. I think I totally nailed Pearl Gold for this. Definitely my favorite color for it (although its probably because of how awesome the gold looks). Now with the little holes and twists in the mesh fixed, it looks a lot smoother and fancier. I can't wait to hold a physical version!

Also, apparently the Mask of Duplication. Still think the Mask of Splitting is more appropriate.
Blue Kanohi Angaru (Spinnie)
Due to popular demand (two people :D ), here's my Kanohi Angaru entry, now rerendered in blue with a lighter background. I probably could do gold as well. I also added in the pin and got the mesh ready for 3D printing. I just need to check the width requirements and then finalize it.

I also forgot to mention the powers as defined by the Bionicle Art Club. The Kanohi Angaru, Mask of Splitting, enables a user to duplicate themselves, though each time they do, their duplicates are halved in size and strength.

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0nuku Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I really love your First Toa Team series, and I can see your art is really improving. I just can't wait to see what else you do. :)
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Awe shucks. ^///^
I do hope I continue to impress. Toa Setek is a couple drawings away, so keep on the lookout!
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Happy birthday man, Here have a llama to celebrate it
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I left a link in my Flickr page. I can't imagine how else you would have known who I was.
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