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Vos-Eon, Master of Radiance by 0nuku
Vos-Eon, Master of Radiance
I don't know what it is about Brickthing's Toa Hukia, but it's like they're begging me to draw them. Maybe it's the fantastic characters Brickthing has created. Maybe it's the interesting and intricate designs. Whatever it is, here is Vos-Eon. Hey, look, I actually colored him!

"Vos-Ēon is a powerful being trapped thousands of years in the past, with an all-seeing gaze that few are able to meet. Longing to get back to his utopian future, Vos-Ēon travels with the Toa Hukia in search of the legendary Mask of Time. Even though he is immensely powerful, Vos-Ēon will frequently step out of battle to avoid influencing the outcome events. He claims this is to protect the future, but the other heroes sometimes wonder if he is crafting it anew to his own desire."
Kopaka Concepts by 0nuku
Kopaka Concepts
So, after seeing some of the amazing MOCs of Brickthing on Flickr, and comparing them to some of my own, I really want to try something a bit more complicated, and drew up some sketches. It's also been a while since I posted any sketches, so I thought I'd upload them. Kopaka is definitely one of my favorite Toa, and my favorite Toa Mata, but I've never really done him justice (though I have sketched him before).
The first sketch (left to right) was just kind of for fun. There was a topic over on BZPower about which characters you could see as female, and Kopaka came up frequently, so I thought I'd sketch him out as a girl. Partially a test in feminine Kanohi as well. If you look at his build, he looks a lot like Gali in the original set, except the legs are flipped around and the ball joint replaced the hand piece on the chest. I implemented both of those changes into the sketch, and for some reason added furry boots and a cape.
The second is a more serious one, figuring out some proportions and design for Kopaka. I wanted to make him bulky, but more in a "dressed for the weather" kind of way. He's got a blend of all of his forms, including 2015, but mostly good ol' '01.
The third actually came before the second, which I did on my iPod in the car, and I like the sketchy look, though it is a bit messy.

Still figuring out exactly how I want to build him, but I think I want to use his 2015 mask, and I think it will be awesome.
New Profile Picture! In a burst of nostalgia, I remade my good old Steampunk Akaku (about time) in the style of MNOLG!
Havaro: Loose Cannon - With Kanohi Angaru by 0nuku
Havaro: Loose Cannon - With Kanohi Angaru
Just got my 3D printed Kanohi Angaru today. :D It was just a rough test print, and still needs some fixing up, but I'll work on it this weekend to get it ready for Shapeways. I'll post the link here when I get it done.

Havaro is a Matoran I built to showcase the mask and test how it fits. The mask turned out rough and a bit off white, so I built him with some Thok white. He's a Ko-Matoran of Karzahni who managed to get on Karzahni's good side and enforces order with an iron fist, or rather, the iron cannon that replaced his twisted arm. I wish my first MOC on Deviantart was a bit more interesting (it's actually based heavily on Flickr user Ibem's Matoran), but I felt like I had to post this because you guys liked my Kanohi Angaru.

More info and images in my Flickr Gallery

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0nuku Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I really love your First Toa Team series, and I can see your art is really improving. I just can't wait to see what else you do. :)
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I do hope I continue to impress. Toa Setek is a couple drawings away, so keep on the lookout!
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I left a link in my Flickr page. I can't imagine how else you would have known who I was.
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