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2016 Leaks Clarified by 0nuku
2016 Leaks Clarified
Well, as many of you know, Bionicle 2016 leaked images are starting to appear (we've had set names for months). Oh, you didn't know? Well go check them out!

In case you realize that all you are staring at are a bunch of colorful smudges, and you start squinting at it until your head hurts just trying to make out those tiny details... don't fret! I already did the squinting and head-aching for you! And here are (very rough) sketches of the Toa as best as I can make out after squinting at them for hours.

A few details to note:
1. Don't listen to TTV Message Boards. They got a lot of things right, sure, but they also got a lot of things wrong. These masks don't look much like their Metru counterparts (I'll admit Gali's mask does share some features of the Rau), but they do look a lot like their G1 counterparts!
2. Another TTV Message Board misconception: The "Uniters" do not use Star Wars Torsos! Relieved  However, the torsos do appear to be one piece with heavy printing and design, much like the SW torsos... :( I can only hope they look better in the sets.
3. And another misconceptions: Lewa and Gali do in fact use trans-parts. Gali uses trans-dark blue, and Lewa uses trans-apple green or trans-green.
4. I am about 98% sure that those are in fact Vorox/Skrall armor pieces, and not some similarly designed part. They have the pistons, the stud connection, the shape, and that little round hole on the end of the central prong.
5. Umarak appears to use one half of a "bear trap spider" on his left shoulder, with a larger version on the right.
6. But seriously, take these with a grain of salt. These are simply my interpretations of the extremely blurry leaked images, and they are quite possibly wrong. Don't make any hasty judgments based on my poor representation.
I'm on Shapeways! by 0nuku
I'm on Shapeways!

After far too long of a wait, I finally got my custom Kanohi designs on Shapeways. You can go over there and order them now in a variety of colors for a decent price!

Kanohi Arkahna, Mask of Tension

Kanohi Angaru, Mask of Splitting


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