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Commission: Yahru's Kanohi Hau by 0nuku Commission: Yahru's Kanohi Hau :icon0nuku:0nuku 27 3 Inorganic Kanohi Calix by 0nuku Inorganic Kanohi Calix :icon0nuku:0nuku 23 1 Commission: Kanohi Pakoire by 0nuku Commission: Kanohi Pakoire :icon0nuku:0nuku 33 6 Brickhead Me IRL IRL by 0nuku Brickhead Me IRL IRL :icon0nuku:0nuku 21 2 Balenis, Master of Magma V2 by 0nuku Balenis, Master of Magma V2 :icon0nuku:0nuku 75 9 Commission: Kanohi Savitar by 0nuku Commission: Kanohi Savitar :icon0nuku:0nuku 73 10 Brickheadz - Toa Niretta by 0nuku Brickheadz - Toa Niretta :icon0nuku:0nuku 18 4 Pyre by 0nuku Pyre :icon0nuku:0nuku 5 0 Toa Kordak Sketchdump by 0nuku Toa Kordak Sketchdump :icon0nuku:0nuku 41 22 3 Years Later by 0nuku 3 Years Later :icon0nuku:0nuku 9 5 LU Brickheadz - Faction Leaders by 0nuku LU Brickheadz - Faction Leaders :icon0nuku:0nuku 17 5 Brickheadz - Toa Mata by 0nuku Brickheadz - Toa Mata :icon0nuku:0nuku 59 10 Birthday Brickheadz by 0nuku Birthday Brickheadz :icon0nuku:0nuku 14 8 Brickheadz - Onuku by 0nuku Brickheadz - Onuku :icon0nuku:0nuku 13 2 Toa Kopen by 0nuku Toa Kopen :icon0nuku:0nuku 62 8 Commission: 'Renegade' Dane by 0nuku Commission: 'Renegade' Dane :icon0nuku:0nuku 33 2


Neon Cocktail - Virse Portrait by Alvoir Neon Cocktail - Virse Portrait :iconalvoir:Alvoir 48 5 MultiPurpose Combat Humanoid KIPLYNE by GhostyMcspooky MultiPurpose Combat Humanoid KIPLYNE :iconghostymcspooky:GhostyMcspooky 39 3 Kanohi Valati by PunkDrunk-182 Kanohi Valati :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 8 0 Sleepy Knights Emblem + Process by Golden-Angel-Dragon Sleepy Knights Emblem + Process :icongolden-angel-dragon:Golden-Angel-Dragon 6 0 Yvaine Concept Sketch by PunkDrunk-182 Yvaine Concept Sketch :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 3 0 Yvaine Concept Art 2 by PunkDrunk-182 Yvaine Concept Art 2 :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 1 0 Omnic Yvaine by PunkDrunk-182 Omnic Yvaine :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 6 0 Kanohi Ohlek by PunkDrunk-182 Kanohi Ohlek :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 8 2 Kanohi Kaai by PunkDrunk-182 Kanohi Kaai :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 7 4 Kanohi Alkon by PunkDrunk-182 Kanohi Alkon :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 10 0 Kanohi Edohak by PunkDrunk-182 Kanohi Edohak :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 9 2 Toa Exota Masks by PunkDrunk-182 Toa Exota Masks :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 17 0 Toa Botora First Prints by PunkDrunk-182 Toa Botora First Prints :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 7 2 Kanohi Homaki by PunkDrunk-182 Kanohi Homaki :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 12 0 Kanohi Ahuku by PunkDrunk-182 Kanohi Ahuku :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 11 2 Good Guy by The-Dapper-Scrapper Good Guy :iconthe-dapper-scrapper:The-Dapper-Scrapper 68 6


3D Printed
3D modelled and printed masks and other Lego parts designed for you!
A simple pen/pencil black-and-white sketch. I'll clean up the linework.
Colored Sketch - Art Markers
A sketch inked in and colored using my art markers.
Colored Sketch - Digital Basic
A sketch with cleaned up linework colored digitally. Gives two-tone shading and a simple background.
Colored Sketch - Digital Shaded
  A sketch with cleaned up linework and digital coloring. Features more complicated shading and a simple background.
Colored Sketch - Digital Shaded+
A digital drawing as realistic shading as I can muster. Includes a simple background.
Vector Icons/Art
User icons or art using Adobe Illustrator. Typically done in a MNOLG-esque style. Pricing can be adjusted for simplicity.



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United States

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Commission: Yahru's Kanohi Hau
"Kanohi Hau, Mask of Shielding. It allows its user to protect themselves from any physical attack that they are aware of by generating a force field."

Another $50 commission, this time for MOC-Pages user NewDrewBuilder12 and his self-MOC Toa Yahru. I gotta say, this was a lot of fun to make. It was very well designed and turned out fantastic, I think. If you want to order it, check out Shapeways! And if you wanted a commission for yourself, be sure to check out my commission info.
Inorganic Kanohi Calix
"Kanohi Calix, Mask of Fate. It allows its user to perform at the absolute peak of their natural physical abilities (such as excecuting seemingly impossible leaps, dodges, flips, etc.) so that they move and react better than almost any unenhanced member of their species."

I had some time between commissions to finally put this mask together. This is my interpretation of an inorganic Kanohi Calix, one of my favorite powers, but not quite my favorite design in canon. So that's why Boju gets her own 3D printed mask.

Order it on Shapeways!
Commission: Kanohi Pakoire
The Kanohi Pakoire, Mask of Imitation, allows a user to mimic the mask of another being and take on its powers for a limited time. A mask designed by Flickr User The Mask Jacker for his self-MOC, Makuta Blackwing, and commissioned from me for $50. I took some liberties based on the way I drew it for another commission. Order it on Shapeways!

And if you want a commission for yourself, be sure to check out my Journal to get all the information on how you can get your own designs 3D printed!
Brickhead Me IRL IRL
Man, my rendering skills have gotten good. These look just like I actually built them! Wait... I did! Yep, after getting some birthday loot, I finally had all the parts I needed to put both of these together with a few minor changes. Let me know what you guys think!

I've got a few more pics over in my Flickr Brickheadz Gallery, plus a look at my many, many other projects in Brickheadz.


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NoukamouTheGreat Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017  Student General Artist
Hey man, thers something I want to ask you related to moccing. Do you have in mind of making a system moc one day?
0nuku Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Man, I haven't built System in a while... I mean, I have, and I have a pretty good collection. Maybe the real problem is I just don't know what I'd build. My last few MOCs were for contests and things that gave me a good idea. If you check out my Flickr you can see some of those.
NoukamouTheGreat Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017  Student General Artist
Personally, same here. If i want to make a system moc. I would made a moc of a World War 1 tank thats a mark 4.
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